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Root Beer World - root beer history, brands, recipes, news
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  • Apr 25, 2014
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For those that want to know more and, hopefully, to taste more, welcome to Root Beer World!

Our mission is to increase your enjoyment of this classic North American soft drink by providing "A World of Root Beer Resources!" Root Beer World is a personal website. We do not make or sell root beer.

The Yellow Froth Pages brand database contains 2616 brands today. Please review the directory and tell us of missing brands. You can search by brand name, display all brands that originated in a state by clicking the state, or display all brands that start with a specific letter.

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Root beer Barrels of Fun at the Dr Pepper Museum!
Posted by kguske on Saturday, September 28, 2013 @ 12:16:53 EDT (1884 reads)
Topic Root Beer

Root beer business is taking a stand! Barrels of Fun, the exciting new Dr Pepper Museum temporary exhibition, illustrates root beer’s recipes for success throughout the years. Beginning October 5th, stop by the Museum and uncover the fan-favorite drink that shaped America’s landscape, winning admirers worldwide! 

Designed for visitors of all ages, this exhibition, occupying half of the Dr Pepper Museum’s second floor gallery space, examines in-depth the humble roots of the popular soft drink. From root beer’s invention by Philadelphia pharmacist Dr. Charles Hires to his aggressive marketing strategy of the signature brew-at-home beverage, learn about the root beer that started it all.  See the rise of the big brands – including staples A&W, Barq’s, IBC, Thomas Kemper, Triple XXX, Hires, Stewart’s and MUG. Come find your favorite at the Dr Pepper Museum!

Barrels of Fun exhibit at the Dr. Pepper Museum


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