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Old Fashioned Root Beer

From Excellent Recipes for Baking Raised Bread (the Fleishman Company, 1912)

Time:  6-7 Hours Serves:  32



1 cake, compressed yeast
5 pounds, sugar
2 ounces, sassafras root
1 ounce, hops or ginger root
2 ounces, juniper berries
4 gallons, water
1 ounce, dandelion root
2 ounces, wintergreen

  The US FDA determined natural sassafras to be carcinogenic in the 1930s.  The sale of natural sassafras has been outlawed since.  For more information, see the Encyclopedia Rootannica.

1. Wash roots well in cold water.
2. Add juniper berries (crushed) and hops.
3. Pour 8 quarts boiling water over root mixture and boil slowly 20 minutes.
4. Strain through flannel bag.
5. Add sugar and remaining 8 quarts water.
6. Allow to stand until lukewarm.
7. Dissolve yeast in a little cool water.
8. Add to root liquid. Stir well.
9. Let settle, then strain again and bottle. Cork tightly.
10. Keep in a warm room 5 to 6 hours, then store in a cool place. Put on ice as required for use.





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