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Quick Root Beer (with Dry Ice)

From the kitchen of Bobette Doerrie, Booker, Texas (Family Fun)

Time:  15 min Serves:  15 to 20



Sugar, according to bottle directions
Recommended amount of water, chilled with ice
1 bottle root beer concentrate
3 lb. dry ice
1 clean bucket with tight fitting cover

Warning!  Dry ice is EXTREMELY cold and can damage skin

Mix sugar and water in bucket; add concentrate. 
Add dry ice, and sit on the bucket--you may want to release the pressure every now and then. 
In about 15 minutes, you have really fizzy root beer. 

Warning! If you don't release the pressure every now and then, it may try to blow the top off! (We use it in high school physics or chemistry, often with the change-of-state lab involving ice cream.)





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