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All Brands
 (generic) Diet
 3 Bears
 330 Sarsaparilla
 365 Organic
 365th Fighter Group Bomber
 5th Avenue Seltzers
 A Eddy
 A Leonard
 A&P Premium Draft
 A&W Diet
 A&W Sugar Free
 A&W Ten
 A.D. Simmons
 A.J. Stephans
 A.J. Stephans Sarsaparilla
 Above All
 Ace High
 Adler Brau
 After the Fall
 After the Fall Diet
 AJ Glesson
 Alaska (NY)
 Albany Public
 Albertson's A+
 Alco Select Brown Barrel
 All American
 All Star
 All Star Dairies
 Alpen Glow
 Alpha Beta
 Always Good
 Always Save
 America's Choice
 American (CA)
 American (CO)
 American Bar & Grill Microbrewery
 American City Diner
 American Classic
 American Dry
 American Fare
 American Home
 American House
 American National
 American Premier
 American Sports
 Anchor Ginger
 Angus O'Neil's
 Anheuser Busch
 Ann Page
 Annalee's Auction Day
 Anthony's Pizza Palace
 Appalachian Brewing Co
 Appalachian Diet
 Appetone Sarsaparilla
 Archer Farms Premium Sarsaparilla
 Arctic Club
 Arizona Rootbeer Float
 Arlington Club
 Armour's Veribest
 Atlantic City
 Atlas (IL)
 Atlas (MI)
 Atlas Master
 Atwater Block
 Auburn Tigers
 Aunt Mable's
 Aunt Mary's
 Aunt Nellie's
 Aunt Wick's
 Avery Lord
 Avery's Sarsaparilla
 Ayer's Sarsaparilla
 B and R
 B Stiff & Sons
 B.F. Haley
 Babbling Brooke's
 Babcock's Gold Medal Sarsaparilla
 Baker's 5-Minute
 Baker's Indian
 Bala Club
 Barley Island
 Baron's Boot Hill Sasparilla
 Barq's Diet
 Barq's Floatz
 Barq's Sugar Free
 Barrel Brothers
 Barrel Of Beer
 Barton Springs
 Basketville Sarsaparilla
 Batch Brown Sugar
 Bavarian Inn
 Bawls G33k B33r (Geek Beer)
 Be Pop
 Bear N Beaver
 Bear Wizz
 Beaver Buzz Energy
 Beech-Nut Sarsaparilla
 Beehive Brew
 Bel Boy
 Belgrade Gardens
 Bell Hop
 Bell Tower
 Bell's Sarsaparilla
 Bells (KY)
 Ben Shaws
 Ben's Brew
 Bennett's Big Bear
 Benton Harbor
 Berkley & Jensen
 Berry's Famous
 Bert's Drive In
 Best Choice
 Best Club
 Best Health
 Best Yet
 Beverages Inc
 Big 8
 Big A Root Beer Drive-In
 Big Apple
 Big Ben
 Big Ben's
 Big Boy
 Big Chief
 Big Daddy's
 Big Deal
 Big Five
 Big Fizz
 Big Foot
 Big Frosty
 Big Giant
 Big Horn
 Big House
 Big Joe
 Big K
 Big K Diet
 Big Muddy
 Big Nickel
 Big River
 Big Rock
 Big Rooty
 Big Shooter
 Big Shot
 Big Star
 Big Top
 Big Town
 Big Vic
 Big Y
 Bigg's Splashin'
 Bill's Drive In
 Bill's Drive-In
 Billy Baxter
 Billy Baxter Sarsaparilla
 Billy Goat
 Birdie and Bill's Sugar Free
 Bison Brew
 Bison Brew (UT)
 Bitter Creek
 Black Bear
 Black Cow
 Black Granite
 Black Kow
 Black Ribbon Brewer's Reserve
 Black Rocks
 Black Sheep
 Blatz Gold Star
 Blind Tiger
 Block 15
 Blue Anchor
 Blue Bird
 Blue Boy
 Blue Coyote
 Blue Ridge
 Blue Rock
 Blue Sky
 Blue Sky Ginseng
 Blue Sky Organic Encore
 Blue White
 Blue Wing
 Blumer's Diet
 Bobby Burns
 Bode's Sode's
 Boggy Depot
 Bokes Drive-In
 Bond Street
 Bonnie Brier
 Bonnie Hubbard
 Bonnie Maid
 Bonnie Miss
 Boom Chugga Lugga Cherry Root Bear
 Boot Rear
 Boots Sarsaparilla
 Boris Karloff's
 Bottoms Up
 Boughey & Shumsky
 Boundary Bay
 Boyd & Beard
 Boylan's Diet
 Brew Brothers
 Brew It Up
 Brew Works
 Brick Oven
 Brigham’s Brew
 Brimfull Diet
 Bristols Sarsaparilla
 British American
 Brown Belle
 Brown Cow
 Brown Jug
 Brown's (MI)
 Brown's Brewing (aka Troy Brewpub)
 Bud's Homemade
 Buffalo Rock
 Bull's Head
 Bulls Eye
 Burr & Waters
 Burton's extract
 Buy Low
 C & C
 C & C Draft
 C & C Super
 C & C Super Coola
 C Torney
 C.B. Owen
 Caamano Bros High Noon Sarsaparilla
 Caldera Soda Works
 Calvin's 1836
 Campbell Bros
 Canada Dry
 Canadian Club
 Canfield's Sugar Free
 Cannon Brewpub
 Cantrell & Cochrane Low Calorie
 Capital Brewery
 Capital City Diner
 Capital Club
 Capone Family Secret
 Capone Family Secret Diet
 Captain Eli's
 Carlton Club
 Carnation (MO)
 Carnation (WI)
 Carrol College
 Cascade Pride
 Castle Club
 Castle Crest
 Castle Rock
 Central Coast Brewing
 Central Iowa
 Certified Red Label
 Champagne Velvet
 Chapman's Beverages
 Chateau Dry
 Cheers Boston
 Cheers Sarsi
 Chek Sugar Free
 Chelsea Royal Diner
 Chester Club
 Chey Rock
 Cheyenne Sarsaparilla
 Chicago Club
 Chowning's Tavern
 Chug a-Lug
 Chug's Choice
 Chuong Duong Saxi (Sarsparilla)
 Cicero Beverages Salted Caramel
 Cindrie's San Jose Special
 Circle A
 Circle K
 Circle K Diet
 Citizens Brewing
 City Bottling Works
 City Club
 Clam Shell
 Clark's Giant Extract
 Classic Club
 Classic Hits McSars
 Classic Selection
 Clem Bussan
 Cleve O Club
 Clicquot Club
 Clifton Mill
 Clover Club Classic
 Clover Club Sugar Free
 Clover Valley
 Club de Luxe
 Club House
 CNN Primary 2000
 Coastal Fog
 Cocheco Club
 Cody Blake's
 Coffin & Co
 Cohns Sarsaparilla
 Cold Harbor
 Cold Spring
 Coleman's Sarsaparilla
 College Club
 Colonel Goodfellow's Sarsaparilla
 Colonel Robert's
 Colorado's Best
 Comstock's Sarsaparilla
 Coney Island
 Conner Prairie
 Connor's Amberglo
 Convenient Food Marts
 Cool Mountain
 Cooper's Cave
 Cosmos Sarsaparilla
 Cost Cutter
 Cott Non-Fattening
 Cottle Drug Co. Sarsaparilla
 Cotton Club
 Country Club
 Country Fair
 Country's Delight
 County Fair
 Cragmont Low Calorie
 Crass (MD)
 Crass (PA)
 Crater Lake
 Crazy Ed's Sarsaparilla
 Crooked Oak
 Crown Bottling Co.
 Crystal (AZ)
 Crystal (ME)
 Crystal Beverages
 Crystal Bottling Works
 Crystal Club
 Crystal Springs
 CS Reese
 Cuban Dry
 Cubby Bear
 Cummings Brothers
 Curran & Joyce
 Custer's Last
 D M'Coy's
 D. Bernhard Sarsaparilla
 D. Luce
 Dad's Diet
 Dad's Sugar Free
 Dad-Gum-It! Root Beer Butterscotch
 Dairy Gold
 Daisy Lane
 Dakin Farm
 Dakin Farm Sarsaparilla
 Dalton Brothers
 Dan's Mountain
 Dana’s Sarsaparilla
 Dang That's Good
 Dang That's Good Butterscotch
 Daniel’s Restaurant & Pub
 Dapper Dan
 Darrel's Root Beer Stand
 Dart Drug
 David Baker
 Dean Bros.
 Death Valley
 Death Valley Sarsaparilla
 Deer Field
 Del Haven
 Del Monte
 Delaware Park
 Devil Dog
 Devil's Canyon
 Devin's Ale
 Diamond City
 Diamond Head
 Diet Rite
 Dixie Duck
 Dixie Maid
 Dixie Spring
 Dodge City Sarsaparilla
 Dog n Suds
 Doggone Good
 Dominion (Ontario)
 Donald Duck
 Dorothy's Isle of Pines
 Double Barrel
 Dougie Dog Butterscotch
 Down East
 Downtown Joe's
 Dox Extract
 Dr. Brown's
 Dr. Chandler's
 Dr. Cronk's Sarsaparilla
 Dr. DeAndries Sarsaparilla Bitters
 Dr. E. R. Palmer's Sarsaparilla
 Dr. Graham's Sarsaparilla
 Dr. Guysott's
 Dr. Henry's Sarsaparilla
 Dr. J Fogworth's
 Dr. Kilmer's Sarsaparilla
 Dr. Long's
 Dr. McGillicuddy's
 Dr. Murphy's
 Dr. Mutch's
 Dr. Nut
 Dr. Root Beer's
 Dr. Smith
 Dr. Stearn's
 Dr. Swett's
 Dr. Tima's
 Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla
 Dr. Wells
 Dr. Wood's Sarsaparilla
 Dream Diner
 Drewrys Mountie
 Drexel Club
 Drug Fair
 Druther's Black Cow
 Duffy's Rowdy
 Durham's Hi-Tide
 Dybalas Spring
 E Defreest
 E.R. Clarke's Sarsaparilla
 Eagle (CA)
 Eagle Club
 Earp's Sarsaparilla
 East Side
 Eckerd Award
 Econo Buy
 Eddie Bob's
 El Canelo
 El Rancho Rodeo
 Elf Diet
 Ellis Island Casino
 Elm Park
 Empire (NY)
 Empire Bottling Works (El Paso)
 Empire Bottling Works (RI)
 Empire Bottling Works Sarsaparilla
 Eric's Famous Energy
 Espresso Diet
 Eureka Coffee Co.
 Evans & Barney
 EY Cronk
 EZ Diet
 F&N Sarsi
 Falcon Creamy
 Family Dollar
 Farm Fresh
 Farm House
 Farm Maid
 Farmer's Brew Butterscotch
 Faust Brand
 Favorite Cream
 Faygo Diet
 Faygo Diet Western-Style
 Fed Cal
 Fee Brothers Sarsaparilla Syrup
 Fentimans Old English
 Fest Papa Joe Pecan
 Filbert's Old Time
 Fine Fare
 Fine Mountain Mist
 Fire Fighter's
 Fireman's Brew
 Fisher's (extract)
 Fizz & Co. Seltzer
 Fizzy Izzy
 Flat Iron Café
 Flat Top Pizza Sarsparilla
 Flathead Lake Monster
 Flavor Aid
 Flores Bros
 Florida Bottling Works
 Flying Goose
 Folk-Lore Sarsaparilla
 Food & Deli
 Food & Liquor
 Food City
 Food Club
 Food Club Diet
 Food Fair
 Food Giant
 Food Lion
 Food Rite
 Food Town
 Forest City
 Four Hundred Club
 Fox Head
 Fox Spring
 Foxon Park
 Frank J. Smith's
 Frank's Alcoholic
 Frankie's Root Bier
 Fred Meyer
 Fred's Choice
 Free Natural
 French & Brawn
 Frolic Diet
 Frost Creek
 Frosted Mug
 Frostie Diet
 Frostie Vanilla
 Frostop Diet
 Frosty Nip
 Funny Face
 G. H. Simmons
 Gadsby's Tavern
 Garden City
 Garden State
 GE Angerstein
 Gene Autry
 Gene Simmons Moneybag
 Gene's Drive In
 Generic (Quintana)
 Giant Eagle
 Giant Food
 Giant Tiger
 Gilbert's Sarsaparilla
 Gilded Otter Barley's
 Glacier Brewhouse
 Glas Barrel
 Glen Ellyn
 Glory Days Grill
 Gold Bond
 Gold Coast
 Gold Cross
 Gold Crown
 Gold Label
 Gold Medal
 Gold Mine
 Gold Mine Sarsaparilla
 Golden Age
 Golden Age (TX)
 Golden Bridge
 Golden Circle Sars
 Golden Dawn
 Golden Maple
 Golden Moon
 Golden State
 Golden Treat
 Golden West
 Goober Brau
 Good & Plenty
 Good Taste
 Good Value
 Goose Island
 Gordon Biersch
 Grade A
 Graf's Sugar Free
 Grand Premium
 Grand Prix
 Grand Taste
 Grand Teton
 Grand Union
 Grandpa Graf's
 Grandpa Graf's Creamy Top Sugar Free
 Grandpa's Own Special Forumula
 Grant Street
 Great Adirondack
 Great Basin Brewing
 Great Bear
 Great Montana Soda Factory
 Great Value
 Great Value Diet
 Green Mill
 Green River
 Green Spot
 Griffin's Riverside
 Grumman's Olden Time
 GS Smith
 GuS Dry (Grown-up Sodas)
 H & C Overdick
 H & H
 H Nehring & Sons
 H Waddington
 Hagan & Dodd's
 Haley and Annabelle's Vanilla Root Beer
 Hall & Lyons
 Hall's Sarsaparilla
 Hamburger Hank
 Hancock Deposit Assoc.
 Handy Andy
 Hanigan Bros.
 Hannah Cobb
 Hansen's Diet
 Hansen's Natural
 Hansen's Signature Sarsaparilla
 Happy Joe's
 Happy Time
 Happy Time (ID)
 Hard Times Cafe
 Harley Davidson
 Harpoon Brewery
 Harris Teeter
 Harrup's Cordials Sarsaparilla
 Harry's Own
 Hartford Club
 Harvest Day Diet
 Hawaiian Delite
 Health Maid
 Health Valley
 Health Valley Sarsaparilla
 Health Way
 Heep Good
 Heinle's Jockey Club
 HekeInkaemper Bros
 Helena Bottling Works
 Hennessey's Denver Mud
 Henry Weinhard
 Henry's (IL)
 Heritage House
 Heritage House Sugar Free
 Hi Spark'l
 Hi Sparkel
 Hide's Franklin Spring
 High Bridge
 High Head
 High Noon
 High Rock
 High Rock Sarsaparilla
 High Water
 Hill Country Fare
 Hill's Korvette
 Hilltop Restaurant
 Hires Big H
 Hires Diet
 Ho Jo
 Hobson's Sarsaparilla
 Holiday Inn
 Hollywood Commemorative
 Holoway's Healthful
 Holy Cow
 Holy Cross
 Home & Garden
 Homeland Pride of America
 Honest Abe's
 Hood's Sarsaparilla
 Hopocan Gardens
 Hopper's Dining Car
 Horse Quencher
 Horse Shoe
 Hosmer Mountain
 Hot Rod
 Hotel Brands
 Houck & Dieter
 Howard Johnson's
 Hull House
 Hummingbird Hill Sarsaparilla
 Humpty Dumpty
 Hy Grade
 Hy Top
 Hy-Vee Sugar Free
 Hyde Park
 I Sutton & Co.
 IBC Diet
 Ice Castle
 Ideal (MA)
 III Dachshunds (aka 3 Dachshunds)
 Imperial (Mammoth)
 Indian Queen
 Indian Sarsaparilla
 Indian Wells
 Indian Wells Special Reserve
 Indianapolis Brewing
 Innisfallen Sarsaparilla
 Iron Fireman
 Iron Horse
 Isadore Street
 Islay's Mountain Air
 J & E
 J B Dickey
 J Barrey
 J Chester
 J H Blackler
 J Hungerford Smith
 J Kornahren
 J L Greene
 J Lamb
 J Lewis
 J McEvoy
 J W Harris
 Jack & Bob's
 Jack Astor's Brewski
 Jack Black's Dead Red
 Jack Frost
 Jack Sprat
 Jackson Hole
 Jacob Wirth
 Janet Lee
 Jasper Ridge
 Jax Fish House
 JD's Old Fashioned
 Jeff's Root Beer Float Egg Cream
 Jefferson Club
 Jet Age
 Jewel (IL)
 Jic Jac
 Jigg's Root Beer Stand (Jiggs)
 Jim Dandy
 Jitney Gold
 Jo Sole
 Joby Joe's Root Beer Float
 Joe Pepitone
 Joe Stiff's Spiked
 John Bull
 John Harvard's
 John Lake
 John's Drive-In
 Johnny Bull
 Jolly Good
 Jolly Good Diet
 Jolly Pop
 Jolly Treat
 Jolly Treat Sugar Free
 Jones Soda Co.
 Jorstad's Old Fashioned
 Journey Desert Sage
 Journey Great Northern
 Journey John Barleycorn
 Journey Shenandoah Sassafras
 JT Whitney's
 Judge Wapner
 Jumpin' Johnny's
 JW Harris
 K & B
 K & K
 K & M
 K & N
 K Diet
 Kangaroo Jack's
 Kansas City Sarsaparilla
 Kate's Corner
 Kay C
 Keck's Laurel Springs
 Kelly's (MI)
 Kelly's Cream-Top
 Kelly's Warsaw
 Kenwood Club
 Key (PA)
 Key Food
 King Bee
 King Car Root Sars
 King Kooler Jr
 King Kullen
 King Lucky
 King Sooper's
 King Street Blues
 King's Arms Tavern
 Kirks Big Sars Sarsaparilla
 Kiss Army
 Kist (GA)
 Kist (MA)
 Kool Club
 Kree Mee
 Kreemee Root
 Kreemo Special
 Kreme Top
 Kroger Real Sugar
 Kroger's Latonia Club
 Kutztown Sarsaparilla
 Kwik Trip
 L & W
 La Salle
 La Vida
 Lady Lee
 Lady Lee Low Calorie
 Lag's Finest
 Lake & Ewing
 Lake Breeze
 Lake City
 Lakeside (PA)
 Land O'Lakes
 Lane's Gold Seal
 Larkin Co.
 Larry Leidig's
 Lasso Time
 Laura Lynn
 Laurel Club
 Laurel Spring
 LB Brewing
 Le Roy Old Fashioned Keg
 Lenox Park
 Leonard Bros
 Liberty (NJ)
 Liberty Grille
 Lift Bridge
 Light Rock
 Lily Belle
 Lima Avenue Root Beer Stand
 Linden House
 Lion Brewery
 Lion House
 Little Davy Crockett
 Little Jerk
 Little John's
 Little Skipper
 Log Cabin Sarsaparilla
 Lolli Pop
 London Dry
 London Dry (DE)
 Lone Star
 Long Branch Saloon Sarsaparilla
 Lord Maxwell's
 Lost Dog
 Lost Rhino
 Lost Trail
 Lost Trail Diet
 Lost Trail Sarsaparilla
 Lotsa' Diet
 Louis Fernand Collet Sarsaparilla
 Lowe's Foods
 Lucky Jumbo
 Lucky Star
 Lucky Strike
 Lyons Magnus
 M & M
 Ma's Old Fashion
 Mac's Mello
 Mac's Old Fashioned
 Mad Butcher
 Mad River Brewhouse
 Maddox Ranch House Sarsaparilla
 Made Right
 Maid Rite
 Main Street
 Main Street (Giant)
 Maine Root Sarsaparilla
 Manhattan Special
 Maple Leaf
 Maple Spring Sarsaparilla
 Margo's Bark
 Marion's extract
 Mark IV
 Market Street
 Martha's Exchange
 Mason's Diet
 Master Choice
 Mavis Club
 McCaffrey's Breakaway
 McDonald's Root Beer Milk Shake
 McGuire's Irish
 Methow Valley
 Meyers (MN)
 Meyers (PA)
 Michael's Dolce
 Michigan Maid
 Michigan Soda Factory
 Midtown Club
 Mill City
 Millbrook Club
 Miller's Drive-in
 Milligan's Island
 Milwaukee Brewing Co.
 Miner's Brew
 Minnehaha Springs
 Minnesota Valley
 Mio by Barbara Ferguson
 Miracle Food Mart
 Miss Lady
 Missouri Club
 Mohr Bros.
 Monarch (IL)
 Monarch (MO)
 Monte Carlo
 Monterey Bay
 Moondoggie Café
 Moose's Tooth
 Mor Value
 More Good
 Mother's Pride
 Mount Oxford Spring
 Mount Vernon Five Farms
 Mountain Stream
 Mr. D'z Route 66
 Mr. Fizz
 Mrs. Lombardi's
 Mrs. Warner's
 Mt. Angel
 Mt. Desert
 Mt. Lassen
 Mt. Laurel
 Mt. Olympus
 Mt. Tom's
 Mt. Vernon
 MTN High
 Mug Diet
 Mug N Bun
 Mugs Up
 Mule Kicker
 Multi-flow (aka Multiflow)
 Museum of Myths & Monsters
 My Pops
 Myers Avenue Red
 Myopia Club
 Mystic Seaport Sarsaparilla
 Nancy Jane
 Nanton Summer Soda
 Napa Rock
 Napa Valley
 National (IN)
 National (LA)
 National (MI)
 National Aerated Water
 National Workman
 Natural Brew
 Naturale 90
 Nehi Berks County
 Nemasket Spring
 Nesbitt Howell
 New Orleans
 New York Mills
 New York Seltzer
 New Yorker
 Newport Club
 Nickel Nips 5¢
 No Cal
 Nob Hill
 North Country Brewing
 North Peak
 Northern Neck
 Norwest Food Club
 Nu Way Cafe
 Number 61
 Nutmeg Club
 O So Good
 Oakland Bottling Works
 Oasis II
 Obi Probiotic
 Ohio State Buckeyes
 Ol' Bob Miller's Wild West Red Sas'parilla
 Ol' Smoothie
 Old Abe
 Old Boys
 Old Bust Head
 Old Castle
 Old Colonial (NY)
 Old Colonial (PA)
 Old Colony
 Old Dutch (MO)
 Old Dutch (WI)
 Old English
 Old Faithful
 Old Farmers' Merchantile
 Old Fashion
 Old Fashioned
 Old Frontier
 Old Hydraulic
 Old Jug
 Old Keg
 Old Keg (GA)
 Old Kentucky
 Old Mill Sarsaparilla
 Old Newbury
 Old San Francisco Seltzer
 Old Scotch
 Old Smoky
 Old Soaker
 Old Style
 Old Time (CA)
 Old Time (PA)
 Old Time (WI)
 Old Town Sarsaparilla
 Old Towne
 Old Union
 Olde Brooklyn
 Olde Favorite
 Olde Philadelphia
 Olde Rhode Island Molasses
 Olden Time
 Ole Nick
 On Tap
 Oneta Club
 Oogave Agave
 Oop! Juice
 Orchard Park
 Orchard Park Diet
 Oregon City Soda Company (OCSODACO)
 Our Family
 Overland Express
 Ozark Maid
 Ozark Mountain Bottleworks
 P Dillon
 P Mansfield
 Pabst Non Fattening
 Pacific Dry
 Pantry Pride
 Pappy's Homemade
 Par T Pak
 Park Club
 Park Lane
 Park Sugar Free
 Party Club
 Peace Tree
 Pearl Harbor
 Pearson Brothers
 Pend Orielle
 Pennsylvania Dutch
 Pennsylvania Premium
 Pep Up
 Peter Piper
 Phantom Canyon
 Pic Nic
 Pic-a-Pop Sugar Free
 Piggly Wiggly
 Pike's Peak
 Pioneer (NJ)
 Pioneer (WA)
 Pioneer Sarsaparilla
 Pioneer Valley
 Pirate Pete's
 Pirate's Keg
 Pittsburgh Soda Pop American Classic
 Pittsburgh Soda Pop Licorice
 Pittsburgh Soda Pop Spiced
 Pittsburgh Soda Pop Vanilla
 PJ Cray's
 PJ Gray's
 Plenty Good
 Pocono Mountain Style
 Polar Bear
 Polar Girl
 Polar Wild West Sarsaparilla
 Polly Wolly
 Pond's Champion extract
 Pop City
 Pop Over
 Pop Shoppe
 Pop Shoppe Sugar-Free San Sucre
 Port Clyde Quencher Fog Brew
 Port Washington
 Portage Lakes
 Portland Soda Works syrup
 Porto Rico
 Potosi Brewing Company
 Prairie Rock
 Preferred Selection
 President's Choice
 Presidential Museum
 Price Chopper
 Price Chopper Diet
 Primary 2000
 Prince of Hamburgers
 Private Label
 Private Selection
 Prohibition Pride
 Provo's Sarsaparilla
 PRR Pennsylvania Railroad
 PT Cruiser
 Public House
 Pure Spring
 Puritan (IL)
 Puritan (NY)
 Puritan Rock
 Purity (OH)
 Purity Supreme
 Purple Cane Road
 Quaker (CT)
 Quaker (IL)
 Quaker (IN)
 Quaker Steak & Lube
 Quechee Gorge Village
 Queen City Diner
 Queen of Scot
 Quick Chek
 R Creech
 R Morses
 Rah! Rah!
 Ramblin' Butterscotch
 Ramblin' Maple
 Ramblin' Sugar Free
 Rat Bastard
 Rathje & Hennessey
 Rathje & Maloney
 Rawhide Red
 Reading Sarsaparilla
 Real Value
 Recycle Fest
 Red & White
 Red Arrow
 Red Arrow Diner
 Red Ball
 Red Baron
 Red Bird
 Red Bud
 Red Diamond
 Red Face
 Red Foil
 Red Fox Sarsaparilla
 Red Hare
 Red Jammer
 Red Mill
 Red Monkey
 Red Owl
 Red Ribbon
 Red River Valley
 Red Robe
 Red Rock
 Red Rock Brew
 Red Root Sarsaparilla
 Red Star
 Red Star (PA)
 Reed & Bell
 Rich Life
 Richardson & Wallace
 Richardson's Liberty
 Rite Good
 River City (CA)
 River City (MN)
 River Side Beverages
 Riverdale Bottling Works
 RJ Corr
 Road Trip
 Roberto Caruso's Legacy
 Robt. Portner Sarsaparilla
 Rochelle Club
 Rock Bottom
 Rock Creek
 Rock Hard
 Rock Island
 Rock Island Pumpkin Spiced
 Rock It
 Rock N' Root Beer Fizzies
 Rock Spring (CT)
 Rock Spring (MN)
 Rocket (HI)
 Rocket (IA)
 Rocket (MO)
 Rocket Fizz
 Rocky Mountain
 Rocky River
 Rocky Top
 Rodney Court
 Root 66 (MO)
 Root 66 (VA)
 Root 66 Sugar Free
 Root Beer Stand
 Root Rock
 Rootin' Tootin'
 Rooty Toot
 Rose Bud
 Roubi Doux
 Round Barn
 Route 41 Root Beer Stand
 Route 66
 Rowdy (extract)
 Roxy Quality
 Roy Rogers - Dale Evans
 Royal Blue
 Royal Brand T
 Royal Crown
 Royal Family
 Royal Flush
 Royal Islands
 Royal Palm
 Royal Scarlet
 Royal Worcester
 Rudy's (NJ)
 Rug Rat
 Rugged Mountain
 Rush's Sarsaparilla
 S & O'K
 S&S White
 SA Super Pop
 Sackets Harbor
 Safeway Select
 Saint Arnold
 Salutaris Sarsaparilla
 Sam Adams 1790
 Sam's American Choice
 Sammi Rae
 Samuel's Deli
 San Antonio
 San Francisco
 San Hi
 Sand Springs
 Sand Springs Sarsaparilla
 Sands Sarsaparilla
 Sanitary (IN)
 Sanitary (WI)
 Santa Cruz Organic
 Santa Fe Trail
 Saranac Diet
 Sarsi Sarsparilla
 Schafer & Fisher's
 Schilo’s Homemade
 Schroeder's Tops
 Scot Lad
 Scotch Buy
 Scovill's Sarsaparilla
 Sea Dog
 Sentry Diet
 Sexkola Randy
 Sharp & Dohme
 Shasta Diet
 Shop 'n Bag
 Shop 'n Save
 Shop Rite
 Shop Rite Diet
 Shopper's Value
 Show Me
 Shrader & Johnson
 Shur Savings
 Signature Select Diet
 Silver City
 Silver Creek Blond
 Silver Crown
 Silver Cup
 Silver Eagle
 Silver Sierra
 Silver Spring
 Silver Springs
 Simmons & Hammond S & H
 Simonton Lake Drive-In
 Simpson Spring
 Simpson Spring Sarsaparilla
 Simpson Springs
 Sioux City Sarsaparilla
 Sky High
 Sky Hy
 Slippery Rock University
 Smart & Final
 Smart Sense
 Smile (IA)
 Smile (MO)
 Smith's First Choice
 Smith's White
 Smitty's Old Fashioned Creamy Type
 Snake River Sarsaparilla
 Sno Queen
 Snow Crest
 Snow Goose
 Snow Peak
 Snowy Peak
 Snowy Peak (Safeway)
 Society Club
 Soda Barrel
 Soda Hut
 Soda King
 Soda Steve's
 Soho (NY)
 Solon Springs
 SomeTHIN Lite
 Sonny Boy
 Sonny O' Gold
 South Bend
 Southern Home
 Southwest Super
 Space Ships
 Spanish Peaks
 Sparkeeta Lithiated
 Sparkling Bond
 Sparky's Fresh Draft
 Spice Barn
 Sprecher Honey
 Sprecher Lo-Cal
 Spring Grove
 Spring Lake
 Square Root
 St. James
 St. John Brewers (Virgin Islands)
 Standard (CO)
 Standard (MN)
 Star (MO)
 Star (PA)
 Star Bottling Works
 Star Ice & Soda
 Stars & Stripes
 Stater Bros.
 Steap Green Tea
 Steaz Green Tea (organic)
 Stewart's (Shops)
 Stewart's Diet
 Stone City
 Stone Cold Jones
 Stone Jug
 Stop & Shop
 Streett's Aromatic Sarsaparilla
 Sugar Cane
 Sugar Ray Leonard Diet
 Summit Sudz
 Sun Crest
 Sun Glory
 Sun King
 Sun Rise
 Sun Spot
 Sunday Funnies
 Sunny Boy
 Sunny Jim
 Sunny Select
 Sunny Side
 Sunshine (MI)
 Sunshine (SD)
 Sunshine Food Stores
 Super (American Bev)
 Super A
 Super Chill
 Super Chill Diet
 Super Duper
 Super G
 Super S
 Super Soda
 Sure Saving
 Surf City USA
 Surrey House
 Suwanee Swifty
 Sweating Bullets
 Sweet Cap
 Sweet Life
 Sweet N Low
 Sweet Sixteen
 Sweet Valley
 Sweet Valley Diet
 T.L. Neff's
 Tab Root Beer
 Table Rock
 Tahquamenon Falls
 Talking Rain Ice
 Taste Club
 Taste Well
 Tastee Club
 Tasty Foods
 Tate's Old Fashioned
 Tatnuck Bookseller & Sons
 Tavern 1888
 Taylor Brewing
 Taylor Maid
 Taylor Maid Sugar Free
 Taylor's Sarsaparilla
 Taylors Falls
 Ted Williams Creamy
 Teddy's Diet
 Terra Soda
 Thames Club
 the bent spoon
 The Common Man
 The Frosty Mug
 The Grizzly Paw
 The Groovy Taste Rasa
 The Jug
 The Landing Hotel & Restaurant
 The People's Pint
 The Port
 The Root Beer Stand (MI)
 The Root Beer Stande
 The Rootbeer Stand (KY)
 the Shed
 The Three Stooges Wise Guy
 Thirsty Bear
 Thomas Kemper
 Thomas Lavers
 Thomson & Taylor
 Three Star
 Tick Tock
 Tiger Red
 Tim's Tavern
 Time-Less Diner
 Timothy Sullivan
 Tiny Tim
 Tip Top
 Tobey's Knickerbocker
 Toby's Knickerbocker
 Tom Mix
 Tom Moore
 Tom Moore Sarsaparilla
 Tom Sawyer
 Tom Thumb
 Tom Tucker
 Tom Wahl's
 Tom's (KY)
 Tom's (SC)
 Tom's Root Beer Stand
 Tommyknocker Root Beer Float
 Top Ade
 Top Pop
 Top Treat
 Top Value
 Topp (GA)
 Topp (NJ)
 Tops 'n Pop
 Torpedo Juice
 Towle's Log Cabin
 Town Crier
 Town House
 Towne Club
 Towne Talk
 Townsend Tavern
 Trader Joe's
 Trader Joe's Organic
 Triangle Club
 Trick R Treat
 Trim Cal
 Triple AAA
 Triple Peak
 Triple XXX
 Tropical Sun
 Tru Root
 TV (True Value)
 Twin City
 Twin Kiss
 Twin Oaks
 Twin State
 Two Bellies
 Two Guys
 Tyler The Kid Sarsaparilla
 Ugly Mug
 Uncle Ben's
 Uncle Dan's
 Uncle Jake's
 Uncle Jo
 Uncle Joe's
 Uncle John's Non-Alcoholic
 Uncle Scott's
 Uncle Smilie's
 Uncle Tom's
 Underwood Spring
 United Drug Company Sarsaparilla
 United States
 University Club
 Urge Rowdy
 Vala's Pumpkin Patch
 Valley Club
 Valley View
 Valu Time
 Valu Vend
 Variety Club
 Varsity (Graf's)
 Vaughan's Old Time
 Vegas Vic
 Vermont Pop
 Vermont Pub & Brewery
 Verona Hills
 Vess Light
 Vess Sugar Free
 Vicent & Hathaway
 Victoria Pier
 Victory (Brewing Company)
 Victory Bottling Works
 Victory Super Markets
 Village Market
 Vine Park
 Virgil's Bavarian Style
 Virgil's Zero Sugar
 Virginia Brewing Co.
 Virginia Dare
 Vons Sugar Free
 Vreeland's Indian
 VS (aka SV)
 W & K
 W H Gray
 Waghorn's Sarsaparilla
 Wagner Bros
 Waist Watcher
 Walker's (1900)
 Ward's (NY)
 Warehouse Market
 Warner's Log Cabin Sarsaparilla
 Warwick Club
 Warwick Club Low Calorie
 Warwick Club Sarsaparilla
 Water Street Brewery
 Waterhouse's Country Store
 Watney's Red Barrel
 Watson Bros.
 Waukesha Dry
 Weber's Famous (NJ)
 Weber's Superior
 Weeping Radish
 Weeping Radish
 Weight Watchers
 Wellington Club
 West Coast
 West Point Market
 Western (MN)
 Western (MO)
 Western (OH)
 Western Bottling Works
 Western Family
 Western Trail
 Western Valley
 Whistle Sarsaparilla
 White Rock
 White Rose
 White Swan
 White Top
 Who Dat
 Whole Foods All Natural
 Widmer Gasthaus
 Wild Bill's
 Wild Bill's (MI)
 Wild Bill's All Natural
 Wild Bill's Diet
 Wild Bill's Rocky Mountain
 Wild Oats All Natural
 Wild Tea Kombucha
 Wild West Sarsaparilla
 William Donohue
 William S Ford
 Williams Old Time
 Willie's Hemp
 Wilshire Club
 Wilson Farms
 Wilson's Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor
 Wind River
 Windham Brewery
 Windham Sarsaparilla
 WindRiver Brewing Co.
 Windy City
 Winking Lizard
 Winter Brook Seltzer
 Winter Garden
 Wisconsin's Pride
 Wishing Well
 Witch's Brew
 Witches Brew
 Wittman's Sparkling Sarsaparilla
 Wooley Bugger Grand Cru
 World Besmaid
 World Classics
 World Series Sarsaparilla
 X Root Beer Riot
 XS Rootbeer Blast
 Ya Der Hey
 Yacht Club
 Yacht Club Sarsaparilla
 Yaeger's Sarsaparilla
 Yankee Doodle
 Ye Olde Style
 Yukon Club
 Yummy Diet
 Zevia Ginger Root Beer
 Zip (2)

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